Mission Statement:
Kamal Kisan develops cost-effective, smart mechanization solutions for India’s small and marginal farmers, to reduce labor dependence and increase profitability.

Kamal Kisan’s India focused innovation in agricultural equipments delivers unique, mechanical devices that offer at least 50% increase in process efficiency, resulting in at least 50% cost benefit to farmers. This become a valuable proposition in the face of 23% migration of rural labour to urban centres. With farmers spending over 40% of their total cultivation cost on labour alone, the profession is no longer profitable and hence over 100,000 farmers give up farming every year. With lack of relevant technology, and the cost of labour doubling every 3 year, the food security concerns of the country will become a reality by 2020. Kamal Kisan vision is to be restore profitability in agriculture and restore the pride of the farmer.



Kamal Kisan is a registered as a brand name under Simple Farm Solutions Private Limited. The company was established in 2013 and has so far released 3 new and unique products in North Karnataka with plans to establish it self as a leader in innovative small farmer implements across India.

  The Problem

83% of India’s farmers (80 million) are chronically underserved by farm equipment manufacturers. India is the third largest manufacturer of tractors globally and yet less than 2% of our farmers use machines (CIAE, 2008). India’s small farmers need machines that are designed for them. This need is increasingly critical due to increasing labor scarcity, which forces farmers to spend up to 40% of input cost on labor alone, making it difficult for them to remain profitable.

  The Solution


Kamal Kisan develops, manufactures and sells a series of farm equipment specially targeted towards small farm owners (<2 Ha). This equipment will be chosen to substitute farm activities that have the following characteristics:

  1. Have heavy labor dependence
  2. Contribute significantly to total cost of production
  3. Do not have any relevant mechanized solution

The design of the products will have the following features:

  1. Suitable for use on small farms
  2. Minimal dependence on fuel
  3. Ease of self-maintenance to reduce dependence on post-sales service
  4. Integrated with existing farming practices to lower adoption barriers
  5. Cost-effective